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Going the Distance with Social Media

I have always been impressed by marathon runners. To be successful they prepare for months on end and consider everything from their diet to their attire. The dedication and discipline to focus on a goal beyond the immediate horizon are traits that many people do not possess. The satisfaction of the short sprint is enough.… Continue Reading Going the Distance with Social Media

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The Old Rules on Crisis Don’t Apply

The Obama Administration found itself this week the subject of criticism unparalleled since it first came into office.  If a perfect storm is the confluence of three events, this was the combination of four controversies unfolding concurrently and all in different directions.  Perhaps we can call it a plus-perfect storm. While the White House talking… Continue Reading The Old Rules on Crisis Don’t Apply

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The Choppy Seas of Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Quick – Name a company long considered a pioneer and one of the world’s most innovative organizations in its industry. Hint – it’s not a technology service provider, social media giant or electronic device manufacturer. In fact, the company in question is Carnival Cruise Lines. Yes, the same Carnival Cruise Lines plagued with operational failures,… Continue Reading The Choppy Seas of Reputation Management

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Cloudy With a Chance of Crisis

While much of the country deals with the vestiges of winter’s wrath, emergency and government personnel are doing their best.  Teams are on the job to minimize damage from what could be the worst storm to hit the East all season. From dispatching trucks and proactively salting roads to offering citizens tips on assembling the… Continue Reading Cloudy With a Chance of Crisis

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Changes at EPA Pose a New Series of Challenges

The February issue of O’Dwyer’s featured the following article by Peter Stanton on the departure of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. The prospect of a new Administrator signals forthcoming changes for Obama’s environmental policies and creates the potential for renewed environmental debates on several intensely controversial issues such as hydraulic fracturing, greenhouse gas emissions, clean water, soot… Continue Reading Changes at EPA Pose a New Series of Challenges

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The Social Media Playbook: Three Brands That Won During the Big Game

There is no “time out” in the world of social media. Brands can follow the best-laid plans between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., but an event at 8:37 p.m. could change the game in unforeseen ways. That is exactly what happened during last night’s Super Bowl game between the San Francisco and the new world… Continue Reading The Social Media Playbook: Three Brands That Won During the Big Game

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Bringing Sexy Back to MySpace

MySpace was one of the earliest players in the social media universe, but as savvier rivals such as Facebook rose to prominence, MySpace stagnated, dying the slow, painful death of those who fall behind by standing still. When Justin Timberlake and Specific Media announced they were bringing MySpace back, a collective cringe rolled through the… Continue Reading Bringing Sexy Back to MySpace

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LinkedIn Axing Answers

LinkedIn announced today that it is retiring LinkedIn Answers, a feature that enabled users to ask questions and provide answers in a variety of topic areas. We frequently monitored and participated in the Q&A discussions.  We also regularly passed along relevant opportunities to our clients.  We felt the feature provided real value for professionals seeking… Continue Reading LinkedIn Axing Answers

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Health Care’s Hidden Changes

Not so long ago, I was speaking with a former colleague who served as President Clinton’s domestic policy advisor for health care who worked on Clinton’s health care reform efforts in the early 1990s. In response to a statement about the transformation of health care, he responded (and I’m paraphrasing) “I’m not sure we can… Continue Reading Health Care’s Hidden Changes

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Help Wanted – Apply Now on Capitol Hill

We hear it every day. Americans have had it with Congress. They hate the gridlock, hate the partisanship and hate the feeling that nothing is getting done. A recent Gallup poll of voter sentiment showed an abysmal 18% approval rating for Congress, nearly the lowest in history. So it came as a surprise when one… Continue Reading Help Wanted – Apply Now on Capitol Hill

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