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The Strategy Room

Month: January 2011

What’s Your Online Reputation?

How often do you Google yourself? How about your company, or even the leaders of your business? Are you receiving daily updates about what’s being posted about you online? It isn’t vain to want to know what’s posted about you online. In fact, it’s imperative to know what people see when they type your name […]

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Three Reasons Sarah Palin’s Shooting Response Video is All Wrong

Link – Palin Response to Tucson Tragedy In her song “American Dream”, country music artist Lucinda Williams laments over and over again that, “…everything is wrong.”  While the song’s focus is on a different type of tragedy, its chorus could just as easily apply to Sarah Palin’s latest attempt to respond to the tragedy in […]

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Three Ps Pay Off in PR

Three P's for PR

In a previous posting I implored communicators to avoid being afraid of entering the public domain.  After a recent experience with a getting a story published, I thought I’d add three more Ps for PR: persistence, patience and professionalism. Nearly 18 months ago our firm won a piece of business from a small health care trade […]

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