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The Strategy Room

Month: August 2013

Reasons LinkedIn’s New Membership Rules Aren’t Ruining Childhood

Big changes are coming to LinkedIn when everyone returns to the office after Labor Day.  Starting September 12, the social network will expand to allow members as young as 14 to join in the United States, and as young as 13 in some countries in Europe. While some are balking at the change and cautioning […]

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Reasons We Love Pitching in August

For this week’s installment of Four on Friday, we outline some of the reasons we love picking up the phone and calling reporters during the month of August. Sure, it may seem counter-intuitive to pitch a story in August, when everyone heads to the shore, shedding their button-up shirts and creased pants for flip-flops and […]

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What Bryan Goldberg Can Do Now to Fix Bustle

We are introducing a new feature on The Strategy Room called Four on Friday. Each Friday during the 4:00 hour, we will share four tips on a subject of interest from the week, four thoughts on the week ahead or four points on anything else that comes to mind. This week, we tackle Bustle. On […]

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It’s About the Clients, Stupid

With the announcement of the Publicis-Omnicom merger, the first thought that comes to mind is “What about the clients?” That does not seem to be the first thought in the minds of either CEO.  Maurice Levy of Publicis stated blandly that “…size will matter.” Omnicom chief executive John Wren said the merger would enable the […]

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