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The Strategy Room

Month: November 2013

Why Newspapers Still Matter


Get an updated take on this topic from President Lori Russo here.  In our industry, we hear a great deal these days about “content.” We are told constantly that we all must “generate content.” But in an age where being published is something anyone can achieve, and information is available from countless sources, content is becoming […]

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Putting Custom Twitter Timelines to Work for Your Brand


This week, Twitter unveiled a custom timeline feature that gives users the ability to build public feeds populated with content tailored to specific criteria, including users, keywords and hashtags. This new function opens some interesting doors for regular, everyday Twitter users as well as for online brand managers. While we still have a lot of […]

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How to Dish Up Successful Infographics

As attention spans shorten and social media platforms expand through Pinterest, Twitter, Vine and Instagram, data consumption is forced to evolve. This development has brought on the infographic golden age. In fact, Social Media Today reports that “the volume of infographics goes up more than 1 percent each day.” Infographics bring interesting fact points and […]

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Things to Know about Google Hummingbird

Google released a new search algorithm this month. Meet Hummingbird, your new, more sophisticated search engine. Google is continually evolving its search engine and every update it releases creates a frenzy among content marketers. It’s easy to feel that just as you master one algorithm, a new set of rules is put in place, threatening […]

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