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The Strategy Room

Month: February 2014

Thoughts on Social Media Measurement


When it comes to social media measurement one thing is for sure: brands have ready access to an abundance of data. Every day there seems to be a new tool to slice, dice, plot and visualize a company’s performance across social media platforms.  The real challenges are identifying which data are truly valuable and establishing […]

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Why the Basics Still Matter


In the beginning of February, Facebook turned 10 years old. There is a lot of chatter about how Facebook has changed communication in our culture over the years. But while the mediums we use to communicate have changed throughout time, there is one thing that has not — human nature. Call me old school, but […]

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Upping the Career Game in Sochi


My daughter just spent eight days in Sochi, Russia. No, she’s not an Olympic athlete. She’s a journalism/public relations major at Ball State University who just finished a once in a lifetime opportunity as part of this international event. She traveled to Sochi as part of BSU at the Games – @bsuatthegames – a group of […]

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Ways Congress is Like my Son’s Cub Scout Troop


As I prepare to leave work at little early today (shhhh…don’t tell the boss) to help set up the Pinewood Derby Track at my son’s Cub Scout troop, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about how Congress is pretty much exactly like my son’s Cub Scout Troop. There is a leader, but nobody really […]

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The Winning Brands of Super Bowl XLVIII


Let’s talk about last night from a numbers perspective. Not from the standpoint of the final score, but from the impact of the game. From that perspective, the game gets much more interesting: There were 24.9 million tweets around the Super Bowl during the broadcast. The Super Bowl broadcast recorded a 47.6 household rating and […]

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