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The Strategy Room

Month: March 2014

Who am I to Judge?

Silver Anvils

Borrowing a line from Pope Francis, the answer, at least as far as the Public Relations Society of America is concerned, is that I am someone to judge, but only so far as the annual Silver Anvil award competition.  Whether I actually am qualified is a question for a higher power, but having done this […]

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Spring Cleaning Your LinkedIn Presence

social media

We know the fundamentals of public relations such as writing, expression, creativity and integrity are still consistent today, even as the industry has evolved with the advent of new and social media. As referenced in last week’s Four on Friday post, these skills are the foundation for all successful public relations professionals. We also know […]

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40 Years On, the Unchanging Field of Public Relations

40 Years On, the Unchanging Field of Public Relations

This marks my 40th year in the practice of public relations.  Over the course of these four decades, much about the field and the way it is practiced has changed.  Today, we almost cannot pass a day without a new article, email or blog post discussing the radical innovations altering the course of our industry. […]

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Issues in Transportation Policy


Earlier this week, Stanton Communications held our second roundtable conversation with Rep. Bill Shuster, Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. As always, Chairman Shuster was generous with his time and offered attendees valuable insight into some of the issues he is considering as the committee develops legislation and conducts oversight. Among the wide […]

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