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The Strategy Room

Month: July 2014

Crisis Communication Begins with Core Principles

It seems the world is in turmoil and each day brings a new horror to the front page. Of interest to our profession is the way each new horror seems to prompt a discussion of communication process and protocol. Comments in PR LinkedIn groups have covered whether Malaysia Airlines is salvageable as a brand; whether […]

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Memorable Images from Our 25 Years

Al Smith Dinner 2013

Often our Four on Friday posts consist of tips, observations or, in some cases, attempts to channel three Englishmen to explain an election cycle. This week, we are going visual, with a few of the most memorable images from our 25 years history, capturing the spectrum of clients and events we have supported since 1989. […]

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The right answer? It depends.

In communications, the answer is not always as simple as “yes” or “no.” Frequently, the right answer is, “it depends.” Receiving this response has traditionally been a personal annoyance of mine. I perceived it as an easy way out, and an ineffective manner of answering a question. However, when looking to employ effective communication strategies […]

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The Forefathers of Public Relations

American Flag

Editor’s Note: Yes, we know today is Thursday. But our readers will hopefully be home tomorrow celebrating Independence Day instead of reading blog posts, so we offer this a day early. Happy 4th! This holiday week, as a Boston-area native and direct descendant to John Adams, I considered how our forefathers fueled our nation’s burgeoning […]

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Reflecting on 25 Years of Excellence

Stanton 25 years of Excellence

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of Stanton Communications. I opened the firm after a long and very positive experience at what is now MSL/Publicis. That company had been good to me, but a culture shift increased the emphasis on new business over client service. That wasn’t going to work for me. […]

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