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The Strategy Room

Month: February 2015

Spring Cleaning for PR Professionals

Spring is just a couple of weeks away, and after the winter we’ve had in our Washington D.C., New York and Baltimore offices, with single-digit temperatures and terrifying snow squalls, it’s time for some sunshine and easier living. And that starts with spring cleaning, but not the kind our grandparents did. Modern life is too […]

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Our Valentine’s Vows to Journalists

This week, HB Agency announced its team will be showing journalists the love on Valentine’s Day with a #NoPitchDay. The goal? Give reporters a break from the incessant emails and phone calls. But the truth is, if PR professionals are doing our jobs the right way, a #NoPitchDay wouldn’t be a gift to journalists. If […]

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A Closer Look at a Congressional Confessional

It’s not every day you get a confessional from a Member of Congress on the sorry state of American government. That’s why I was surprised to read “Confessions of a Congressman” on Vox this week. Honestly, nothing in the confessional really shocked me. After spending a decade on the Hill in the personal offices of […]

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