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The Strategy Room

Month: November 2015

Reaching New Audiences Through Online Influencers

Reaching new audiences through online influencers, computer blog background

At a time of year when “traditions” can be found everywhere you turn, why not take an alternative approach to media relations? Given the constantly shifting landscape, PR professionals must understand how to connect beyond traditional media. How? Build relationships with bloggers and online influencers. These journalists in their own right enjoy tremendous followings across […]

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A Return to Regular Order Means New Opportunities for Communicators

Speaker Ryan (left) shakes hands as he ascends to office following the retirement of Speaker John Boehner (right).

The House of Representatives is under new management and its newly elected Speaker, Paul Ryan, has pledged a return to regular order. But what does that mean? It’s been so long since the House adhered to its standing rules and policies that many of my colleagues in Washington haven’t actually seen a Congress operate as […]

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Public Relations on Eight Wheels

Roller derby game

A major competitive sporting event is happening this weekend, and there’s a good chance you haven’t heard about it. It won’t draw the huge crowds of the World Series, yet it’s one of the fastest-growing sports in the world: the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby championship. What does this have to do with public relations? […]

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