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The Strategy Room

Month: February 2016

Twitter Gives the Gift of a GIF Button

Twitter's GIF Button

Two weeks ago, Twitter announced it was rolling out a GIF button specifically designed for its users. For all of us obsessed with social media, this was the greatest news that could have popped into our newsfeed. The GIF button sounds great, but what does it mean for us PR people? The first step is […]

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Step into the Matrix

Step into the Stanton Matrix

Managing the constant barrage of news, social media updates and other content is a popular topic these days. But what if your job not only is to consume a lot of information about an organization, industry or issue, but to derive smart ideas, strategies and plans from that information? I found myself in this position […]

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Corporate Human Rights Issues Expand Beyond Developing Countries

Evolving Landscape of CSR and Human Rights

A relatively obscure labor rights advocate named Charlie Kernaghan delivered testimony to Congress in 1996 that led to one of the biggest PR crises of the U.S. apparel and footwear industry—the revelation of inhumane working conditions, including child labor, in factories producing goods for major American brands. Kernaghan’s organization, then known as the National Labor […]

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Firm Promotes Four Senior Professionals to Executive Team

Stanton Promotes Four Senior Professionals

Today I am pleased to announce the news that four senior professionals — Megan Berry, Amy Bowman, Sarah Litton, Jeffrey Urbanchuk, have been promoted to positions on our firm’s executive team. Amy, Sarah and Jeff, formerly Account Managers, were elevated to the position of Vice President. Megan, who began her career as an intern at […]

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A Bulletin from Berlin

March 10, 2009 Berlin Wall

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, a barrier that separated people, families and, in fact, a nation ceased to exist. Recently, in the area that was formerly no man’s land, a meeting occurred in a luxury hotel standing squarely inside what before 1989 was the kill zone for anyone trying to flee from East […]

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