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The Strategy Room

Month: February 2017

Celebs Going Publicist Free, Ex-CEO Ads and More PR News

Lunch Break Feb. 28

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites It’s the Tuesday after the Oscars, and I’m starting a one-woman campaign for Shirley MacLaine to host next year’s ceremony. In this week’s PR news, LinkedIn spills on how it uses its own built-in marketing tools, an ex-CEO’s advises his former company via bus ad, and much […]

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Changing the Way WeWork

We are moving offices

A little more than a year ago, Stanton Communications announced a significant change in our firm that transformed how we work together and with our clients. Peter Stanton, our founder, took a big step to the side and welcomed me to serve as President while he focused on his role as Chief Executive Officer. Since […]

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Influencer Drama, Instagram for B2B and More

Lunch Break February 21

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites Happy Tuesday! This week’s Lunch Break is filled with advice for engaging influencers, how Facebook’s “Like” changed the rules of social engagement beyond the digital world, a podcast recommendation and more. Want to Engage an Influencer? Look Before You Leap Last week, Disney Company’s Maker Studios parted […]

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Take a Lunch Break with the Strategy Room

Strategy Room Lunch Break

I have a bit of a reputation at Stanton Communications for being “the clipper,” a.k.a. the colleague that sends everyone articles on clients, their personal interests and the occasional “22 Corgis Who Can’t Get Up the Stairs” pictorial to brighten their day. It began early in life. Really early. From the time I was an […]

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