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The Strategy Room

Month: April 2017

College Students: Invaluable Assets in Your Focus Group

Meet Mary Cobb

As a college student in a professional setting, I immediately recognized the contribution my fellow classmates can offer focus groups. An effective focus group has a developed purpose, seeks participants with key attributes, and maintains a collaborative atmosphere. A college campus provides opportunities for a diverse education coupled with invaluable collaboration. It is an environment […]

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EPA’s Design Throwback, Death to the Web Banner, Facebook’s Metaverse & More

Lunch Break: April 25

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites Despite the blustery weather, D.C. is off to a good start this week. For hockey fans, a ray of hope came with the Capitals’ Sunday night victory over the Maple Leafs. The stage is set for another heated battle in round two—we’re coming for you, Crosby. As […]

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Stanton CEO Featured in Crisis Management Guidebook  

Peter Stanton on Crisis

Every second counts when you’re under the pressure of a crisis. Crisis management expert and CEO of Stanton Communications, Peter Stanton, shares the necessary elements to prepare for crisis situations in the new PR News crisis management guidebook, The Book of Crisis Management Strategies & Tactics. PR News, a respected source for growing a PR […]

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An Online Easter Egg Hunt, The Redskins Fumble, Navigating Uber’s Twists

Lunch Break: April 17

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites It’s already been an eventful week following the 121st Boston Marathon and the 139th White House Easter Egg Roll. If you didn’t make it to the Presidential lawn yourself, we have a rundown on a different kind of sweet features for you to hunt—online, that is. We’re […]

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What I Learned from 40 Days of Social Silence

40 Days of Social Silence

Every day I spend time humanizing the social media profiles of our clients, writing and engaging in a carefully crafted brand voice. I take care to create a frequency of updates that grows their presence without simply recycling every relevant piece of content. I focus on platforms where their ideal audience is most engaged. But […]

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Pulitzers Announced, Pepsi Serves Up Its Own PR Crisis & Have You Met Mastodon?

Lunch Break: April 11

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites It seems spring is finally, thankfully, here. By our D.C. office, the cherry blossoms have already come and gone, faster than you can say, “Let’s take a stroll around the Tidal Basin this weekend.” But of course, spring is more than budding blooms, and just like the […]

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Meet Adam Yosim: 3 Key Ingredients to Whip Up PR Success

Meet Adam Yosim

“Make something yourself.” Little did I know, those three words from my mother during a visit home from college would spark one of my greatest passions: Cooking. It also didn’t hurt that my mom happened to be watching a meatball throwdown on Food Network. “That looks delicious,” I thought, as I watched the Long Island […]

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J.Crew Separates Brand and Persona, Consumer Data Privacy Changes, April Fools Stunts Not Quite Funny Anymore

Lunch Break April 4

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites Happy Tuesday! The Lunch Break editorial staff is still pouring over the finale of Big Little Lies on HBO and celebrating the Stanton hub city baseball teams going three for four on opening day (C’mon Yankees). In today’s edition, consumer privacy data law changes could be bad […]

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