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The Strategy Room

Month: August 2017

How to Manage Content Flow When You Have Too Much

When it comes to crafting content, we live in a world of too many- ideas, deadlines, writers, producers, and designers. This constant inflow of content can pose a problem for content marketing managers or editors, working on behalf of a company or client. Emily Wenstrom, the fearless leader of Stanton’s content, shares insight on developing […]

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Finding Space for Meaningful Conversation with Customers in a Crisis

We live in an era when the loudest voice seems to be the highest priority. Turn on cable news. A panel “discusses” the issues of the day. Try this. While the broadcast airs, close your eyes and just listen. In far too many instances, panelists are talking over each other, voices are raised and there […]

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Brands v. the Eclipse, BYOC, Re/Max Re/Does the Hot Air Balloon

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Didn’t get your hands on solar eclipse glasses? Hopefully your eyesight in still intact to read this week’s roundup of PR news. We reenacted kindergarten by creating our own viewer the old-school way. In today’s Lunch Break, brands break out of the shadow and join the eclipse […]

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Take a Walk on the Client Side 

When Peter Stanton founded Stanton Communications in 1989, he was singularly focused on establishing a firm that prioritized the client. Having spent nearly the prior decade in an environment that emphasized billable hours and maximum profits above all else, Peter felt there was a better way, and built Stanton Communications on a commitment to client service excellence.  Through the years, the Stanton team included professionals with a range of career experience. Some came from traditional agency […]

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The Eclipse is Hot, Podcasts for All, An Influencer Wake-Up Call

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. We’re T-minus six days until liftoff. And by liftoff, we mean the Total Solar Eclipse that will block out the sun across parts of the United States from Oregon to South Carolina next Monday. In today’s lunch break, we’ll explain how the eclipse […]

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Embrace Your Inner Producer to Maximize Video Interviews

In Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese’s 2013 essay on the language of film for the New York Review of Books, he said, “The image in the mind’s eye … For me it’s where the obsession began.” My experience producing video content for clients starts with a similar image—a vision of a single shot or line of […]

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Gaffes by Google, Rebranding for Success, and Shaping Social Media through Company Culture

Lunch Break: Aug. 8

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Tuesday! In today’s edition of Lunch Break, we cover Google’s PR issue of the week, the timeliness and success of rebranding, and how company culture shapes social media. Google’s in Hot Water Looks like Google is the next big corporation to take the hot seat. Recently, […]

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Building Your Online Platform at Events

Posting to your company’s social media frequently and putting an emphasis are excellent social media branding basics. But they don’t have to be the only way you connect with your audience. Another compelling way to grow your platform is by live tweeting from events. At its heart, social media is about making connections, after all—what […]

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Content Predictions for 2022, Apple Taps Into Trump’s America, A Few Tips for Scaramucci, and More

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES We’re late lunchers today, but grab a sandwich (or if you wish, an early happy hour glass) and let’s dive right in. There’s a lot to cover. In this week’s Lunch Break, Hubspot takes us behind the scenes of its blog redesign, Content Marketing Institute blasts into […]

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