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The Strategy Room

Month: March 2019

Why Television Interviews Still Matter

You may have heard the argument that “TV is dead,” which is a common misconception due to the ever-growing popularity of streaming platforms. Just this week in fact, Apple announced their own streaming venture and original content with the upcoming launch of Apple TV+. However, broadcast television still holds a prominent place within the media […]

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4 Steps to a Long-Term Influencer Relationship

When working with influencers, reaching out with the mindset of fostering a long-term engagement is to everyone’s advantage. Done right, an influencer partnership holds potential to become a lasting and fruitful relationship where both parties benefit. So, it’s worth the extra effort with influencers to make a personal connection and not just sell your brand. […]

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Facebook’s Tough Week, MySpace’s Mistake, Instagram Ads Make Bank and More


QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES It seems like there’s constantly a news story involving a social media platform, even those that we’ve left by the wayside, ahem MySpace. This week we’re looking at the latest news from four different social platforms, including the good, the bad and the ugly. Hey, hey, hey, […]

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Three St. Patrick’s Day Social Media Tips for your Brand 

PR professionals are always looking for ways to connect their clients with current, trending events – especially fun holidays like St. Patrick’s Day. In 2018, more than 149 million Americans planned to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and 83 percent of Americans planned to wear green, so there’s a huge opportunity to join in on the […]

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Women’s History Month: Pride In PR

As a majority female firm in an industry that is dominated by women, we can’t miss the chance to recognize and celebrate today as International Women’s Day and March as Women’s History Month. We especially can’t forget that behind many great public relations campaigns are great communicators who are women. Although this is cause for […]

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The #VansChallenge, St. Patrick’s Day, Online Newsrooms and more

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! The beginning of March is bringing in frigid temperatures and we’re beginning to question if the groundhog actually did see its shadow. In this week’s edition, we explain how Vans got linked to the latest viral video challenge, St. Patrick’s Day marketing tips, […]

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