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The Strategy Room

Author: Mary Cobb

PRSA’s Princess Quiz, Amazon’s Brand Integrations, and Spring Cleaning for Twitter

The Stanton offices are still hanging on to the last few weeks of summer, but ready for fall since far too many colleagues have brought sugary treats from their travels to the office. Sugar aside, it’s time for lunch. This week’s edition covers PRSA’s need for PR, Amazon’s Brand Integrations, Spring Cleaning for Twitter and […]

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Stand Out with Stronger Content

In today’s market, there’s a vast amount of content aimed at consumers, with each piece fighting for attention. This has created a world of “content clutter” and caused more difficulty for brands to create a meaningful connection between content and consumer. It’s important that brands have the ability to communicate their message to their target […]

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Happy Fourth, King James Big Move, and an Instagram Update

Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! As the city quiets down and people are headed out of town for the Fourth of July, we’ve rounded up some must-know PR news before you hit the road. In this week’s edition, we’re covering brand reactions to Lebron’s Lakers decision, a festive Fourth of July campaign and Instagram’s new IGTV […]

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The Strategy of PR Monitoring: Top Ten Tips

Throughout the past few weeks, we’ve given you everything you need to implement a monitoring strategy and why you should. Although we only have one more post in this month’s monitoring series, they are plenty of other resources that support the insights we’ve shared. Cision provided a very informative article that highlights ten reasons to […]

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The Strategy of PR Monitoring: Take Your Pick of Tools

We’ve covered a ton about how to monitor strategically this month, but we still have a few things to share! We hope you have gained insight into the strategy of monitoring over these last three posts. We’ve learned what monitoring is and how to do it successfully, but the next step is selecting the right […]

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The Strategy of PR Monitoring: Boolean, Keywords & Real Time Alerts

We’ve asked ourselves the question: Why monitor? (In case you missed it – catch up here.) Now, let’s address how to monitor. The most successful monitoring strategies take full advantage of the search for mentions. We’ve found the following components best maximize your efforts: Keywords, Boolean and real-time alerts. Keywords  The most important aspect of […]

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The Strategy of PR Monitoring: Why Monitor?

As a first step in The Strategy of PR Monitoring series, we need to ask ourselves why monitoring is essential to PR. Why is it critical to implement a monitoring strategy in your communication plans? There are three key benefits that should take priority. Monitoring your social media allows you to: react in real-time, engage with […]

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The Strategy of PR Monitoring

Over Stanton’s nearly 30 years of communication practice, we’ve learned a thing or two. From crisis communication strategies to addressing our client’s target audiences, we have found that one of the key practice that is essential to our firm’s capabilities – monitoring. Have you ever heard the phrase “Timing is everything?” Well, in today’s digital […]

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Talking Twitter: #BrandBowl52, #CallieMeetsProm and #CrockPotCares

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Lunch Breakers, there’s no way to hide it, this week’s Lunch Break is all about Twitter. Are your thumbs ready? Here’s the roundup: A PR faux pas #BrandBowl52, #CallieMeetsProm, and #CrockPotCares. PR Problem Yesterday, a reporter tweeted that she was not BCC’ed, but CC’d on a pitch […]

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Happy Holidays!

On behalf of the Stanton team, we hope you enjoyed a happy and restful holiday season, and are ready for a productive New Year. We are endlessly thankful this season for our clients and friends of the firm who have supported us throughout the past year.  

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