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Tea-d Off: What Occupy Wall Street and Other Protests Mean for Companies

Why should companies care about the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street protests? Because the movements, while vastly different in ideology and style, manifest a concern that’s real to many Americans: a feeling that it’s become increasingly difficult to secure a middle class existence through fair play and hard work, and large institutions, including corporations, […]

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Poor Communication Takes Netflix from Hero to Zero

Until recently, Netflix, which provides DVDs by mail and access to streamed video content, seemed to be loved and appreciated by its loyal customer base. For a relatively low cost, customers have had access to hours of movies and TV shows, which they could choose by using Netflix’s easy-to-use online platform. Things took a turn […]

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GOOD JOB, Congress.

(Maybe A Little Positive Reinforcement Could Go A Long Way)  School kids are heading back to classrooms this week and many will encounter the iconic assignment to write an essay entitled “How I Spent my Summer Vacation.”  Consider this my version of that paper.  I spent at least a small portion of my summer vacation […]

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Dispatch from Indiana – Reflections on the Power of the Message

On August 13th, tragedy struck the Indiana State Fair, as a sudden gust of wind brought down the stage and light rigging of the band Sugarland, killing or injuring scores of people.  I was among those in the grandstand anxiously watching the darkening skies to the west, while awaiting the performance of one of my […]

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Twitter Town Hall Sets the Stage for 2012

While President Obama’s Twitter account (@BarackObama) has been managed by his staff for years, last month, the president took to the keyboard himself to wish everyone a happy Father’s Day, and has since generated quite a bit of attention for himself online. And Obama is not the only political figure harnessing the power of social […]

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Group-Buying: Get It Right or Pay the Price

In the past few years, group buying has become a phenomenon. Consumers can save on working out, dining out, and everything in between, by keeping a watchful eye on sites such as Living Social and Groupon. For businesses, Groupon and Living Social are great ways to draw new customers in the door and build the […]

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The X Factor of The X Factor

You may have seen commercials or perhaps a national headline about the latest rendition of the popular U.K. talent competition, The X Factor. Come fall, the next big U.K.-turned-U.S.-smash-hit-from-a-guy-named-Simon will air on FOX, and the sights of ambitious singers are set as high as the anticipated ratings. But what’s the real driving force behind the […]

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Pinpointing New Opportunities Through Location-Based Services

Do you know where your friends are right now?  Your family?  What about your colleagues? Thanks to location-based social networking sites such as Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla and Yelp, it’s becoming as easy as reading a status update to know where your contacts are, what they’re doing and how they feel about it.  Location-based applications […]

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Dispatch from Dubrovnik: An International View on PR and Independence

At a recent meeting in Dubrovnik of public relations agency heads from nearly a dozen different nations, I was struck by the common emphasis on the importance of independence.   At a time in our industry when it seems every firm is somehow owned or allied with one of the global behemoths, there remains a strong […]

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The Nine Lives of a PR Person

As PR people know, it’s not easy to explain what we do to anyone who isn’t in business or communications. Heck, half my family thinks I report the news, and the other half is convinced I design ads. We implement varying and ever-changing communications tactics to support clients in diverse industries, and perhaps that’s why […]

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