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The “Social” Side of Media Relations

I know, I know. Another PR firm blogging about why you need to be on social media. Well this post isn’t meant to tell you all the reasons a brand should be using social media, or why PR professionals need to be building their personal brands on Twitter (Not saying those aren’t good ideas!). For […]

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Is the Next Generation of Communicators on the Right “Track”?

As the parent of a high school senior who wants to pursue a career in communications, I recently had the occasion to participate in the obligatory campus tours of her colleges of choice.  Our primary goal, of course, was to figure out which school offered the best program and represented the best fit for my […]

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Is Interagency Sniping Putting Your Client’s PR Program at Risk?

Public relations is a competitive industry.  The economy is tough and the quest for new business is constant.  Your friend from PRSA may very well be your top competition in the next new business presentation. In order to be successful, we as agency professionals must be careful not to give away too much; including client […]

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Client Focus Goes Global

A group of public relations agency leaders met recently in Geneva to talk about their businesses, share ideas and consider ways to collaborate to better serve clients.  The agency executives are members of ECP Global Communications and IPAN, two international networks of independent firms. Those in attendance were from countries as diverse as Great Britain […]

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Journalists: Look Before You Leap into PR

As the journalism industry suffers cutbacks, closures, layoffs and competition from non-traditional media, many talented reporters are examining career options outside the field.  For some, public relations is a logical place to turn.  I personally made the move more than 10 years ago and found that my skills translated well and my insider’s perspective still […]

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5 Tips for Getting the Most From Your PR Investment

A friend of mine, who serves as Director of Communications for a non-profit organization, recently engaged a public relations firm and asked me for advice on how to manage the relationship.  Putting aside my own ego (why would he come to me for advice on managing a PR firm but not come to me for […]

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