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Social Media

Driven to Digital Distraction

How many technologies are you juggling right now? You know what I mean: Typing away on your keyboard, while simultaneously checking MSNBC, peeking at LinkedIn, and sneaking glances at your cell phone for the thrill of a new text message. It’s enough to make you hear that familiar “ding” of a new email in your… Continue Reading Driven to Digital Distraction

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Can We Be Too Risk Averse?

Building on the previous blog post by Peter Stanton that touched on the inadvertent disclosure that sometimes happens I began to wonder if the tools and technology we use in communications and public affairs contribute to an environment where professionals become hesitant to engage media. Living in an age of 24-hour news cycles and growing… Continue Reading Can We Be Too Risk Averse?

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The “Social” Side of Media Relations

I know, I know. Another PR firm blogging about why you need to be on social media. Well this post isn’t meant to tell you all the reasons a brand should be using social media, or why PR professionals need to be building their personal brands on Twitter (Not saying those aren’t good ideas!). For… Continue Reading The “Social” Side of Media Relations

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Is the Next Generation of Communicators on the Right “Track”?

As the parent of a high school senior who wants to pursue a career in communications, I recently had the occasion to participate in the obligatory campus tours of her colleges of choice.  Our primary goal, of course, was to figure out which school offered the best program and represented the best fit for my… Continue Reading Is the Next Generation of Communicators on the Right “Track”?

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