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Making Safety a Priority for Consumers Behind the Wheel
Project Description
The Consumer Technology Association® (CTA) engaged Stanton Communications to develop and execute a public education campaign focused on the critical role innovation plays in advancing automotive safety and reducing driver distraction. The Innovating Safety campaign was launched in 2013 and has grown from a handful of members to a robust group of companies engaged in the automotive marketplace including market leaders such as Voxx International, Plantronics, Google and AT&T. The highlight of the campaign was an online clearinghouse of products and technology available to consumers to make better choices when using technology behind the wheel. As regulatory and legislative action on autonomous vehicles and emerging technologies continue to evolve, so has our engagement with CTA. Today, Stanton Communications is working with CTA to discuss the importance of allowing innovation to drive the future of mobility; from autonomous vehicles, to drones and connected infrastructure through the IoT.

Project Details
ClientConsumer Technology Association® (CTA)

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