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Revealing the Hidden World of Audio Codecs
Project Description
The mp3 is the ubiquitous audio codec that ushered in a new era in digital media. Fraunhofer IIS was known almost singularly for being the leading developer of mp3 and to a lesser extent, credited with the co-development of the advanced audio compression (AAC). But Fraunhofer had not yet received credit for the scope and scale of the impact of its audio and multimedia solutions for automotive, communications, digital broadcasting, mobile entertainment and streaming applications.
Stanton Communications developed a communications strategy to elevate Fraunhofer as a creator of technologies that open markets, advance businesses and quite literally change the world. The two part strategy consisted of the following:
  • Deriving greater value from Fraunhofer’s participation in trade shows and industry forums.
  • Developing and mobilizing a stronger element for thought leadership.
Over the course of the engagement, Stanton Communications has increased Fraunhofer’s Audio & Multimedia Divisions share of discussion with technical, online and general interest media including: CNET, FierceWireless, Consumer Electronics Daily, TV Technology, Pro Sound News and Electronic Design. The Stanton team continues to build upon the solid foundation of media coverage with broader communication efforts in support of Fraunhofer IIS Audio & Multimedia Division.

Project Details
ClientFraunhofer IIS

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