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Bringing Life and Style to the Wireless Industry
Project Description
Sprint, one of the nation’s leading national telecommunications providers, never struggles to attract and hold the interest of technology publications and bloggers. As other national carriers continued to woo technology reporters alone, Sprint turned part of its attention to the consumer lifestyle market and set out to prove that Sprint offers more than a one size fits all approach to wireless.
In partnership with Sprint’s corporate communications team, Stanton Communications developed a strategy to attract lifestyle media to the “Sprint story,” build relationships with key editors at top-tier consumer lifestyle publications and extend Sprint’s reach beyond tech media to a more general audience.
In developing this strategy, Sprint and Stanton Communications acknowledged that what appeals to the tech media would not garner the attention of lifestyle contacts. Rather than highlighting a device’s pixels or download speeds, messaging instead focuses on smart phones that are available in a variety of colors, phones made of recycled materials or applications that enable parents and families to better manage their daily lives.

Goals Included

  • Emphasizing Sprint’s relevance across markets including education, health care, green, parenting and teen.
  • Aggressively pursuing national publications to introduce Sprint’s consumer story of a national carrier that offers more than just technology but also a full range of wireless solutions for daily life.
  • Initiating dialogue with long-lead lifestyle media about Sprint’s offerings to a broad audience.
To date, high-profile outlets including Vogue, Teen Vogue, Maxim, Lucky, Seventeen, Vibe, Budget Travel and more have profiled Sprint devices. In addition, more than 20 placements on behalf of Sprint have resulted from the media tours and a total of $8.5 million in publicity value generated.

Project Details

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