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Stanton is a 2022 Best Place to Work

By: Emily Wenstrom

Stanton Communications is a Washington Business Journal Best Place to Work  yet again! It’s an honor that means even more because it is determined based not just on the work we do for our clients, but largely on the feedback submitted anonymously by members of our team.

While I could not be prouder of the incredible work we accomplish here, this award pales in comparison to the feeling of knowing that my colleagues, who I value so greatly for their brilliance, dedication and camaraderie, agree that this is a wonderful place to be, especially when we are not always together in the same place.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes our environment feel special, but a few key aspects of our culture offer clues.

Close Communication

As everyone did, our Stanton team had to change how we worked during the pandemic. These changes revealed where we were strong and adaptable. With relationships at the heart of our cultural values, one of the most important of those adaptations was to add new tools to better enable communication while we were physically apart.

There’s nothing special about the tools we chose for this — they’re the same ones most of the professional world turned to. But through them, we’ve been able to foster connections that feel authentic despite the distance. They keep us in touch for questions and collaboration whenever it’s needed. We’ve been able to welcome new people onto the team, support each other when the going got rough – and people fell ill, brainstorm great new ideas for campaigns, share big life moments and laugh over jokes.

A Culture Built By Us

Last year, we committed to renewing our culture to reflect current times. Along the way, every member of the team engaged in a conversation about how exactly we defined our existing culture, as well as what we aspire our shared culture to be as we grow.

The result is a set of “CORR” values that we live every day, prioritizing Care, Openness, Relationships and Responsibility. Because we built this culture together, it feels like a natural extension of how we show up in our work.

Amazing People

This, of course, is what it all comes down to. These are people I look forward to seeing each day even if only on Zoom. Every person on this team is talented, kind and thoughtful, and they make it a joy to come to work. We challenge each other to make our work the best it can be, and know we have each other’s backs.

Though much of the agency world is competitive, we’ve worked hard to make Stanton a safe space where we can ask questions, share ideas and learn from each other. Instead of the vying for credit, the people who make this team so special have made a habit of raising each other up and cheering each other on. A win for one of us is a win for all of us!

It takes a remarkable group to accomplish this while mainly working remotely—and, I think, offers testimony to the effectiveness of the first two points on this list. They make it a joy to get started each day, collaborate, and support the team’s incredible work.

Looking Ahead

This year is bringing with it a lot of opportunity, and for me, optimism. While we’re continuing to work remotely much of the time, it’s a joy to have more opportunities to see my colleagues in person again. I expect it will only make us even stronger.

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