Zoom Hacks: Six Ways To Enhance Your Virtual Meetings

We’re ready to ‘zoom’ into Memorial Day weekend, but there’s still one thing standing in the way of summer’s unofficial start: that final virtual meeting. The work-from-home shift has made Zoom more important than the office water cooler, and has given us a new way to hold meetings, internal check-ins, and even new business pitches.

With technology growing faster than our sourdough starters, Zoom has several helpful (and fun) hacks to use for your next meeting.

Virtual Backgrounds

By now, we’ve become familiar with the new home offices of our co-workers, including those with little ones and furry friends. For a change of scenery, try out one of Zoom’s virtual backgrounds or even upload your own. You can do a happy hour on the beach or keep things neutral for a more professional meeting.

Connect to Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar then you’re in luck. Zoom offers an add-on that integrates the two platforms. Once connected, you can schedule a meeting and select Zoom as the conference option. Zoom will automatically set up your room and include the links and dial-in information inside the Google Calendar invite.

Breakout Rooms

One of Zoom’s lesser-known features is especially useful for large teams — Breakout Rooms. You can split up the Zoom meeting into smaller mini-Zooms for more efficient brainstorming sessions, and call everyone back together once your small group exercise is completed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts can simplify your meetings. Instead of scrambling to click the mute button, use the spacebar to eliminate unnecessary background noise or barking dogs. Just remember to tap it again to unmute yourself.  Some other helpful shortcuts include Cmd (or Alt in Windows) + I for invite, Cmd/Alt + S for share, and Cmd/Alt + R for record and P for pause.

Waiting Rooms

Just like with conference call numbers, it’s easy to use the same Zoom link for all of your meetings. The downside to that is having back-to-back meetings with attendees who show up early to a meeting room that’s still being used. By creating a waiting room option as the meeting organizer, attendees can sign in early but the call won’t start until the organizer begins the meeting.

Beauty Filter

We’ve been wearing sweatshirts for months and can’t remember the last time we got a haircut. Luckily, Zoom has a “touch up” filter to even out skin tone and improve lighting. These minor enhancements will improve your overall appearance on camera.

With Zoom becoming a part of our “new normal” routine, learn a few hacks to improve your meeting experience and have some fun with your co-workers for the next virtual hap

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