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Celebrate International Cat Day with Stanton

By: The Stanton Team

Happy International Cat Day! At Stanton, we are cat (and dog) people, and like other pet owners, we seize every opportunity to show off our furry friends.

International Cat Day is celebrated all over the world on August 8 to recognize our feline companions, but you don’t need to be a cat owner to participate. Communication pros may be able to find creative ways for organizations to celebrate the world’s love of cats to connect with your audience and add personality to your brand. In other words, when it comes to public relations, be more like a cat.

We're celebrating #InternationalCatDay! Meet our favorite felines (and why #PR pros should think like a cat) Click To Tweet

For your viewing pleasure, meet the cats of Stanton:

Sweet Baby Alice

International Cat Day

Alice Joseph is quite possibly the most curious cat of them all. Since her adoption from an Oklahoma Humane Society adoption center, she has had countless adventures, from climbing (and getting stuck in) trees to harassing her canine siblings, Harry and Pippa. Alice enjoys tea parties, solving riddles, and sunbathing in the garden.

Daisy Sedgwick

International Cat Day

Daisy was found as a stray with her kittens in rural West Virginia and has since taken her post as the self-proclaimed queen of Washington, D.C. She enjoys heavy metal music, playing in the sink and skydiving off third-story fire escapes (true story).

Windy/Wendy Cobb

International Cat Day

The question that doesn’t have an answer in the Cobb household—“are you saying, Windy or Wendy?” This little girl was rescued and brought home on a windy evening, hence half of her name. But her mother wasn’t a fan and has since declared it Wendy. Windy/Wendy is the classiest and cuddliest cat you’ll ever meet, and she would be the one to convince you that you are indeed a cat person.

Holly Cobb

International Cat Day

Holly was named after Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s but she does not by any means take after her namesake. Holly was a stray and even after years of living in her new home, still eats like it. She’s sassy, feisty, and will bite when you stop petting her. Despite her long list of imperfections, she’s irresistibly adorable when sleeping.

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