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Building a Crisis Communications Strategy, DIY News, Petfluencers and More

By: Elaine Joseph

Building a Crisis Communications Strategy, DIY News, Petfluencers and More


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. In this week’s edition, we cover creating your own news stories, influencer strategy, petfluencers and building a crisis communications strategy.

Crisis Communications

Every company needs to be prepared for a communications crisis. Preparation for a crisis should happen before the crisis hits, otherwise, it could cost your company its reputation. There are a few steps you can take now to prepare for a crisis, head over to Inc. for tips on how to start building yours today.

DIY News

At times, PR pros must find creative ways to land media coverage. But, you can create your own news and incorporate your ideas into a long-term strategy to ensure consistent coverage opportunities. Jump on a news trend by offering a spokesperson to weigh in can be a great way to secure coverage.

Influencer Strategy

Walmart is taking its influencer marketing game to the next level by adding influencer content to its website. Walmart is working hard to stay competitive, and a good influencer marketing strategy is helping them achieve this goal. By requiring the influencer content to be placed on Walmart’s website, the company is keeping visitors on their site instead of redirecting visitors to an influencer’s blog.


We know social media users go crazy for an adorable cat video or a puppy in a funny costume, and now these influencers have a name: Petfluencers. Recent data, courtesy of Christopher Penn of Brain Trust Insights, shows animal social media accounts are dominating when it comes to reach and engagement. Petfluencers are adding another dimension to the influencer marketing strategy.

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