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The Strategy Room

Meet the Dogs of Stanton Communications

By: Ashley Durkin-Rixey

dogs of stanton

Today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day! While our offices aren’t dog approved, Stanton Communications has a few canine employees working behind the scenes keeping us happy. Without further ado, meet the dogs of Stanton Communications.


Maisey Stanton

Chief Happiness Officer

Maisey is a Wheaton Terrier. Wheatons are known for their exuberance when meeting new people.  Maisey is a champion at delivering her “Wheaton-Greetin” to anyone she meets.


Pippi Wenstrom

“The Closer”

Pippi (as in Longstocking) is a five-year-old Miniature Pinscher who enjoys cuddling, burrowing, and being in charge.


Kodi Berman

Creative Stick Director

While Kodi’s design portfolio is varied, his preferred medium is the stick.


Chewbacca Durkin-Rixey

Account Snuggler

Chewbacca is a ten-year-old corgi Chihuahua mix. He’s focused on the agency’s cheese curls and bacon strategy.


Sky Whitehead

Workplace Safety Coordinator

Don’t let this puppy picture fool you. Sky has 15 years of personal detail security experience under his collar.

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