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The Strategy Room

Month: April 2012

Four Ways You Are (Probably) Not Using LinkedIn for PR

The following is excerpted with permission from PRNews.  In case you’ve forgotten, LinkedIn is rife with opportunities to increase brand awareness. Not only can PR professionals build a community of customers and clients, they can connect with journalists and media on the site. Perhaps its targeted engagement capabilities are taken for granted. It’s time, now, […]

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Preparing Spokespersons for the Next Mike Wallace

The world of journalism recently suffered a great loss with the passing of veteran 60-Minutes broadcaster Mike Wallace. Known for his gruff demeanor and tough interview style, his name could strike fear into the heart of anyone who had ever served in the role of company spokesperson. Thanks to his reputation as a relentless interviewer, […]

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More Money Can Cause More Problems for Political Donors

Originally published in the April 2012 issue of PRWeek. We heard a lot about the historical significance of the 2008 presidential election, but this year’s campaign is equally so. For the first time in more than a century, corporations and unions are able to donate as much money as they like to help a candidate […]

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