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The Strategy Room

Month: June 2012

SCOTUS Media #Fail: When Getting the Scoop Means Getting it Wrong

This morning, the country waited with baited breath for the SCOTUS decision—especially certain beat reporters. Within minutes of the announcement, CNN and Fox had posted the news online, tweeted it, and announced it live on television: Obamacare is shut down! Except, it wasn’t. A few minutes later, the SCOTUSblog announced that the health care bill […]

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5 Ways to Use QR Codes that Get Your Audience to Use Them, Too

QR codes, those black and white squares that seem to be appearing everywhere these days, are without a doubt among the most talked-about tools in communications. But the audiences marketers and PR professionals are trying to reach are not always as in love with them as we are. In a Dec. 2011 article, “Why QR […]

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Special or Not Special – Is that the Real Message?

So, class of 2012, are you special or not?  To hear David McCullough Jr.’s commencement speech at Wellesley High School last weekend, today’s graduates are not special at all, except maybe to their own circle of family and friends. While this harsh dose of reality is no doubt true, the message has created a firestorm. […]

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Want More Facebook Likes? Be Careful What You Wish For

The prevalence of social media in today’s marketplace is undeniable.  Nearly all the media we consume and every product we use on a daily basis has at least some social media component tied to it. Whether through QR codes on products, or share links on news stories, the grip of social media is inescapable; and […]

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