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The Strategy Room

Month: September 2013

Can the Partisan Dam be Broken in Washington?

Given the acrimonious attitude in Washington, D.C. these days it’s unexpected when anything bipartisan makes it past the gestation phase. The political process has devolved to the degree that we anticipate every big issue Congress tackles turning into a knockdown, drag-out partisan fight. The debates over health care and the debt ceiling have been hashed […]

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Steps for 4th Quarter Planning

It’s that time of year when corporate communicators get serious about year ahead planning.  It’s a regular routine and an utmost priority both for firms and in-house communication teams. Yet, while much is written on strategy and planning, for many the process remains daunting and difficult. It doesn’t have to be. With the right focus […]

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Top Takeaways from the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit

This week, Potomac Tech Wire and Capitol Communicator hosted the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit in Baltimore. The event drew more than 300 marketing and communications professionals to more than 15 keynotes and panel discussions about everything from advocacy to reputation management, with a heavy emphasis on digital. In listening to many of the sessions, and monitoring what […]

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Injecting Sass without Losing Your Class on Social Media

Major brands are learning that fun and business are not mutually exclusive when it comes to social media. Companies are gaining recognition with consumers by actually using social platforms the same way consumers do: with humor and occasional sarcasm. Seeing corporations humanize their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages is a refreshing shift from the norm, […]

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Inaction in D.C. Opens Door for State-Based Public Affairs

As the Obama Administration muddles through its response to the “plus perfect” storm of crises that have converged, organizations interested in legislative action on key issues can only hang their heads knowing the path forward has gotten more difficult. The lack of legislative action and brinkmanship that defined Washington since the House of Representatives changed […]

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Ways to Grab Attention with Mobile Content

This week’s Four on Friday examines how to grab attention with mobile content that packs a serious punch. Why is this important? Because attention spans have dropped. Down to 8 seconds in 2012 from 12 in 2000. Traditional media are closing their doors while new online and mobile platforms are launching with greater frequency. More […]

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Three Lessons for Back to School Campaigns

When you logged onto Facebook today, chances are your news feed resembled a JCPenney Back-to-School ad: your friends’ kids modeling fresh outfits, sporting backpacks, and flaunting – or forcing – smiles. Back-to-school may be all the hype for consumers right now, but marketers, particularly those in the retail and CPG industries, have been planning for […]

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