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The Strategy Room

Month: September 2014

Why Care About Good Design?

Sometimes, even as a designer, I overlook the importance of good design. It is a factor in almost every facet of life, even if we don’t realize it. Design is hidden in plain sight, guiding your decisions of what to eat, what books to read, car to buy…the list is infinite. That’s why in this […]

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Four Ways to Enhance Professional Growth


As a young public relations professional, my time is frequently spent somewhere between managing my client workload and striving to maintain a successful work-life balance. However, when I do happen to have a moment of free time, I like to make sure I am utilizing the opportunities around me to advance my professional growth and […]

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Showing Value Beyond the Numbers

Creating media coverage reports with online tools such as Google alerts, RSS feeds and subscription clipping services are often go-to methods for tracking media coverage – if you are simply looking to calculate the number of articles a particular announcement or campaign generated. Many would say the intent behind creating media coverage reports is to […]

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Why I am Nostalgic for the Old Twitter

During remarks at a financial conference in New York this week, Twitter CFO Anthony Noto suggested that the popular site plans to tinker with the structure of its users’ feeds. According to Noto, the current organization of Twitter’s timeline in reverse chronological order “isn’t the most relevant experience for a user” and the service is […]

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