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The Strategy Room

Month: August 2015

SEO: 4 Tips to Improve Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) infographic

Did you know search engine optimization (SEO) is the #1 traffic driver to content sites, outpacing social media by more than 300 percent? There is no question that a site’s SEO is more important than ever, and understanding what makes it “tick” is just as critical for today’s PR practitioners. There’s a lot of buzz about […]

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Recruiting the Next Generation of Statisticians

The 175-year-old American Statistical Association (ASA) engaged Stanton Communications as its first-ever Agency of Record to develop a campaign to encourage more students to pursue degrees in statistics. The program was developed through Stanton’s Matrix Blueprint, a strategic planning process that closely aligns an organization’s objectives with measurable, impactful communication initiatives. Key elements of the plan […]

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More Than a Pretty Picture: 4 Tips for PR Pros to Master Instagram

Instagram More Than a Pretty Picture

By Elisabeth Wraase & Elynsey Price It’s no secret that our society is becoming increasingly visual with each passing day. With this in mind, it’s also no surprise to PR practitioners that Instagram now serves as one of the most engaging social media platforms. According to a recent report, Instagram has an engagement rate of […]

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Connecting Users to the Whole Internet With IPv6

Approaching the depletion of its free pool of IPv4 addresses, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) engaged Stanton Communications to develop a multi-stakeholder program to promote IPv6, the next generation of Internet Addressing. In its first year, the Get6 campaign featured elements including a major public address at the National Press Club by Vint […]

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Anticipating More in a Rapidly Changing Industry

As the housing, health care, and social needs of aging Americans continue to evolve at rapid speed, Asbury Communities is transforming to meet the demands of a new retirement living field. The not-for-profit system of Continuing Care Retirement Communities partnered with Stanton Communications to simultaneously advance its approach to public relations amidst today’s 24/7, 360-degree […]

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Surge of Education News Sites Begs the Question: Is More Better?

For two centuries, until the early 90’s, Encyclopedia Britannica was a prime resource for information and learning. The thick hardback books epitomized what it means to be “offline,” and search engine optimization was limited to alphabetizing words and phrases by syllable. Then everything changed. Computers introduced online-assisted research sites like LexisNexis and the web gifted […]

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How I Reconciled My Misperceptions of the PR Profession with Reality


When I was in middle school, MTV introduced a show called “MTV – The City” that followed reality TV star Lauren Conrad as she entered the Los Angeles fashion industry to pursue her passion and dream. The show made a lasting impression on me, particularly one of the supporting characters, Erin Kaplan. Erin was the […]

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