3 Reasons Why Design and PR Belong Together

PR and Design: Better Together

PR and Design: Better Together

It’s a common occurrence across the public relations industry: Professionals spend hours crafting the perfect press release, the flawless tweet, but when it comes to telling the visual story, the narrative falls flat.

That’s not to say public relations professionals and marketers don’t understand the allure of visual content. According to Social Media Examiner, 80 percent of marketers are using visual assets across social media platforms and the number is increasing year-over-year. Nevertheless, design is often an afterthought in PR.

Here are three reasons why you should invest early in design and consider it a key part of your strategic communicationplans.

1. Increase Engagement

According to a PR Newswire report, PR and design are a match made in heaven. For instance, press releases with multimedia—photos, videos, infographics—can increase press release views by a whopping 552 percent. Similarly, you can garner almost 40 percent more engagement on Facebook with visuals and earn 150 percent more retweets using images on Twitter.

The results are conclusive—increased visual communication is linked to a greater number of eyeballs on your content. Get in early on the fun by crafting the visual story in tandem with the overarching strategic messaging.

2. Create a Unified Brand

Together, public relations and design have the power to create a strong, unified brand strategy. Your brand “voice” is communicated in written, spoken and visual forms, and is most effective when the various media are working in concert.

…brand strategy is how, what, where, when and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering on your brand messages. Where you advertise is part of your brand strategy. Your distribution channels are also part of your brand strategy. And what you communicate visually and verbally is part of your brand strategy, too.”
Entrepreneur Magazine

Often PR professionals dive into the white papers, bylines and blogs, but forget the visual pairing that should accompany those pieces. Be sure to merge visual and written content to present and amplify a unified brand to your audience.

3. ReachMedia More Effectively

Cision’s State of the Media report found over 71 percent of journalists “always or often” use multimedia in their stories. With shrinking newsrooms and increased demands, journalists are often looking for a story with supporting visuals.

Therefore, linking up with your designer to ensure your perfectly crafted pitch has a unique graphic to accompany it may help you break through the noise. Whether it is a short video, photograph, website splash page, infographic or Twitter card, adding a visual component may help enrich your story.

Stand out with Design

Design is the jelly to PR’s peanut butter—they are better together. When crafting your next communication campaign, be sure to leverage the dynamic duo to maximize your results.

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