A Song of Ice and Social Media

Game of Thrones
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When Season 5 of “Game of Thrones” premiers this Sunday, many of us will be anticipating how new plot lines will unfold. But as a social and digital media expert, I can’t help but think about the parallels between the most popular social platforms and the hit HBO show’s most compelling characters. And why not? It’s a fun way to make sense of the often complex and convoluted social media landscape. Here’s how I see the top social media sites through the lens of “Thrones.”

GoT Character Banners Cersei Lannister

Facebook is Cersei Lannister

She’s the undisputed Queen and ruler of all the realms. Similarly, Facebook has obtained great power and dominance in the social media world, but like Cersei, Facebook is constantly at risk of losing its position to emerging upstarts.

GoT Character Banners Danenerys Targaryen

Twitter is Daenerys Targaryen

Speaking of upstarts, the little bird that could is an apt match for the “Mother of Dragons.” Both Twitter and Daenerys have loyal followers and are known for shaking up the status quo and driving social change.

GoT Character Banners Stannis Baratheon

LinkedIn is Stannis Baratheon

The most professional of social networks is a great match for the eldest Baratheon. Stannis is business minded and a natural leader. LinkedIn is seen by many as a social network strictly for business endeavors. From that practical demeanor flows power and a strong influence over people.


Snapchat is Tyrion Lannister

In the world of social media, few platforms have the buzz and upstart energy like that of Snapchat. Like Tyrion, Snapchat is the witty one everyone wants to bring to the party, but nobody takes very seriously. Only time will tell if that holds true.

GoT Character Banners Baelish

YouTube is Little Finger

As Little Finger wields tremendous power in Westeros, so does YouTube in the world of social media. While we often might think first of other platforms in the realm of social media, the underlying sway of YouTube is steady and consistent, just like Little Finger.

GoT Character Banners Jon Snow

Instagram is Jon Snow

While Jon Snow is a bit more serious than Instagram, both inspire loyal fans and are fun to watch. And no one can argue with the fact that Ghost would be a fantastic addition to the hashtag #DogsofInstagram.


Myspace is Ned Stark

Just a few years ago, everyone was buzzing about MySpace, much like they were about Ned Stark in first season of the show. Alas, both have been gone a long time and definitely aren’t coming back.

What parallels would you draw between your favorite social channels and Game of Thrones characters?

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