A Media Relations Resolution: Making Your Pitch Stand Out in 2024

When we think about New Year’s resolutions, they often apply to our personal lives – forming new hobbies, learning a language, eating better, exercising more, etc. But in public relations, there are also ways to make a large impact through small changes in our everyday work. Especially when it comes to media relations.    As public […]

Giving Tuesday: The Dynamic Relationship between Public Relations and Nonprofits  

Placed right in the middle of the holiday season, Giving Tuesday represents the pinnacle of giving during a season of heightened generosity. During these 24 hours, millions of people donate billions of dollars along with countless items and hours to organizations actively making a difference in communities around the country. At the receiving end are […]

​​​Meet Olivia | The Unexpected Joy of Working at an Agency 

You’ll burn out fast.   The bottom line will matter more than you.   It’s too competitive to advance.   It will be hard to keep up.   Good luck finding fair compensation.   Be prepared to sacrifice your social life.   I started hearing about the “toxic environment” of agency work right from my first semester in college. It continued […]

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