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The Strategy Room

Author: Peter V. Stanton

Four Key Lessons from 25 Years: What Running an Agency Taught Me

Peter Stanton 25 Years

This month concludes the 25th year in business for Stanton Communications. What began as a one-person shop today is an enterprise with a track record of success for some of the largest companies in the world and a trophy case full of awards for program excellence. In some respects, little of that matters. Today, there […]

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Communication During a Crisis: Words Matter

To say the crisis unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri is one of communication would be a stunning oversimplification. Yet there is no escaping the fundamental truth that the methods and words used to communicate about the tragedy are direct contributors to the unrelenting trauma. From the moment of initial contact between the police officer and the […]

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Crisis Communication Begins with Core Principles

It seems the world is in turmoil and each day brings a new horror to the front page. Of interest to our profession is the way each new horror seems to prompt a discussion of communication process and protocol. Comments in PR LinkedIn groups have covered whether Malaysia Airlines is salvageable as a brand; whether […]

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Reflecting on 25 Years of Excellence

Stanton 25 years of Excellence

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of Stanton Communications. I opened the firm after a long and very positive experience at what is now MSL/Publicis. That company had been good to me, but a culture shift increased the emphasis on new business over client service. That wasn’t going to work for me. […]

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Lessons in Communication as Taught by Dad

My Dad drove a truck.  He was not a professional communicator.  Yet, thinking of him as Father’s Day approaches, I am struck by how astute he was about communication, surely without ever realizing it.  Here are four lessons he taught me that still resonate today more than 30 years after his passing.  I honestly believe […]

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Process Matters

Strategic Planning

Stanton Communications has enjoyed wonderful new business success in recent weeks. With each new client engagement, we take time to assess why we were chosen, what factors or attributes made a favorable impact on the decision makers, and what we might learn that would help us do even better the next time. Lately, we find […]

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Who am I to Judge?

Silver Anvils

Borrowing a line from Pope Francis, the answer, at least as far as the Public Relations Society of America is concerned, is that I am someone to judge, but only so far as the annual Silver Anvil award competition.  Whether I actually am qualified is a question for a higher power, but having done this […]

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40 Years On, the Unchanging Field of Public Relations

40 Years On, the Unchanging Field of Public Relations

This marks my 40th year in the practice of public relations.  Over the course of these four decades, much about the field and the way it is practiced has changed.  Today, we almost cannot pass a day without a new article, email or blog post discussing the radical innovations altering the course of our industry. […]

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Steps for 4th Quarter Planning

It’s that time of year when corporate communicators get serious about year ahead planning.  It’s a regular routine and an utmost priority both for firms and in-house communication teams. Yet, while much is written on strategy and planning, for many the process remains daunting and difficult. It doesn’t have to be. With the right focus […]

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It’s About the Clients, Stupid

With the announcement of the Publicis-Omnicom merger, the first thought that comes to mind is “What about the clients?” That does not seem to be the first thought in the minds of either CEO.  Maurice Levy of Publicis stated blandly that “…size will matter.” Omnicom chief executive John Wren said the merger would enable the […]

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