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The Strategy Room

Author: Peter V. Stanton


Public relations professionals often speak about crisis communication, but when a real crisis strikes, we all have a tendency to act on impulse. Strategy is something that happens on the fly. Decisions are made as conditions dictate. Surprisingly, this works reasonably well most of the time, but clearly it is not a sound or prudent… Continue Reading SWAT Team PR

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A Few Kind Words – One Night Only

Our firm had the privilege of working in support of the recent Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York.  The event brought together President Obama and Governor Romney for an evening of lighthearted remarks and self-deprecation.  Both distinguished guests lived up to expectations.  The President said he was well rested for the evening after… Continue Reading A Few Kind Words – One Night Only

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More Money Can Cause More Problems for Political Donors

Originally published in the April 2012 issue of PRWeek. We heard a lot about the historical significance of the 2008 presidential election, but this year’s campaign is equally so. For the first time in more than a century, corporations and unions are able to donate as much money as they like to help a candidate… Continue Reading More Money Can Cause More Problems for Political Donors

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That scold rings loudly in my ears.  It came almost daily from Sister John the Baptist, my first grade teacher at St. Matthew’s School in Baltimore as she herded her charges into rows of two for the march to the cafeteria.  All these years later, I can see her stern glare and ominous habit as… Continue Reading NO TALKING!!!

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GOOD JOB, Congress.

(Maybe A Little Positive Reinforcement Could Go A Long Way)  School kids are heading back to classrooms this week and many will encounter the iconic assignment to write an essay entitled “How I Spent my Summer Vacation.”  Consider this my version of that paper.  I spent at least a small portion of my summer vacation… Continue Reading GOOD JOB, Congress.

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Dispatch from Dubrovnik: An International View on PR and Independence

At a recent meeting in Dubrovnik of public relations agency heads from nearly a dozen different nations, I was struck by the common emphasis on the importance of independence.   At a time in our industry when it seems every firm is somehow owned or allied with one of the global behemoths, there remains a strong… Continue Reading Dispatch from Dubrovnik: An International View on PR and Independence

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Venting in the Age of WikiLeaks

Whether Julian Assange of WikiLeaks should be hung in the middle of Times Square, draped in Christmas lights and attached as a decorative ornament to the Rockefeller Center tree is a question I will leave to others, though I would be happy to help shop for rope and lights if needed.  But the new revelations… Continue Reading Venting in the Age of WikiLeaks

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Client Focus Goes Global

A group of public relations agency leaders met recently in Geneva to talk about their businesses, share ideas and consider ways to collaborate to better serve clients.  The agency executives are members of ECP Global Communications and IPAN, two international networks of independent firms. Those in attendance were from countries as diverse as Great Britain… Continue Reading Client Focus Goes Global

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