A Beginner’s Guide to Driving Website Traffic

A Beginner’s Guide to Driving Website Traffic

A Beginner’s Guide to Driving Website Traffic

We all know content is king, but without an audience to read it, you might be wasting your time. Reaching your target audience and driving them to your pages is essential for a successful online marketing strategy, and there are some simple ways to achieve this.

Try these four methods to increase the volume of website traffic.

Create Evergreen Content

Content marketing is effective, and keeping it sustainable and consistent is important to create a foundation for your brand. Quality is more important than quantity and should take priority. To ensure you are getting consistent website traffic, develop content that doesn’t expire and can be repurposed later on.

Check Your Analytics

Use your web and social analytics to better understand what your audience is engaging with. Analytics can provide insight into where your audience is spending their time, how much time users spend on each page and how they are getting there. Once you’ve determined what kind of content works best, you can become much more effective in your overall content marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO plays a big role in driving traffic to your site, and understanding it is critical for today’s PR pros. Properly utilizing SEO in your content marketing strategy will help users find your website organically. It can help your website rank higher in a search which will ensure you have a higher click-through rate and increased website traffic. Need some tips? We’ve got you covered.

Social Media

Use your social media channels to direct traffic to your website. Social media can actually rival search engines as a traffic source when used correctly. In fact, more than 25% of visitors are referred by social networks. The majority of social media users are following brands on social, so make sure your content is relevant and you will successfully drive up your website traffic.


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