Three Cheers for “Cheer”: Takeaways from Netflix’s Trendy Docuseries PR

Have you watched “Cheer” yet?! My colleagues at Stanton have listened to me ask them repeatedly if they’ve watched Netflix’s new six-part docuseries “Cheer,” which chronicles Texas’ Navarro Cheer’s 2019 season and quest for a 14th national title. The highlighted members of the team are charismatic and have raw backstories. Coming off a buzzy premiere on Netflix, Navarro College Cheer participated in top-tier media opportunities that kept the hype going. The main characters of “Cheer,” Coach Monica, Jerry, La’Darius, Gabi, Lexi and Morgan, have clearly been very busy with interviews to promote Netflix’s docuseries. Here are a few examples:

Appearance on Ellen

A few members of Navarro Cheer, including head coach Monica, sat down with Ellen to discuss more about the show and their individual journeys, but it didn’t stop there. Kendall Jenner was a guest on the show that day and participated in a brief cheer routine with the team, along with Ellen producer “Average” Andy, a frequent unwilling participant in various dangerous stunts. Anything involving Kendall Jenner is probably going to get attention, and when Kendall said she was a fan of the show it added a celebrity endorsement.

In addition to their televised interview, the Navarro Cheer team made short videos for Ellen’s social media channels and TikTok. Jerry, a fan-favorite member of Navarro Cheer, was later invited to be Ellen’s official interviewer on the Oscars red carpet.

These are great examples of the number of opportunities that can appear from a single broadcast opportunity. Maybe it’s an additional segment with another guest. Or maybe a few social posts to keep the engagement going. It’s important to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to pitching broadcast opportunities.

Social Bit with Jerry

Jerry is known for his “mat talk,” or motivating sayings yelled from the sidelines during a cheer routine. Presumably, while Navarro Cheer was in Los Angeles for press, Netflix invited Jerry to its offices and had him “mat talk” staffers as they arrived for work. Netflix posted a short video of Jerry greeting employees to its social channels, and the results were hilarious and wholesome.

This type of content is easily sharable and has the possibility to go viral if it truly connects with audiences. Personally, I immediately shared Jerry’s mat talk with my coworkers and friends who have seen the show.

At Stanton, we need our own personal Jerry to yell, “YASSS! GOOD MORNING! WELCOME TO WORK!”

Online Appearances

When you think of pitching, you probably automatically think about print, online and broadcast. But have you considered pitching your client to an outlet with a huge YouTube presence? The cast of Cheer has been all over the YouTube circuit, from Buzzfeed to Good Housekeeping and Delish to Teen Vogue, Jerry, La’Darius, Morgan, Lexi, Gabi and Monica have taken virtually every internet challenge there is. They’ve eaten sour candy in a game of “Never Have I Ever,” taken Buzzfeed quizzes to see which Cheer team member they’re most like, learned TikTok dances on the fly and played “Truth or Dare.” The range of outlets is truly impressive and displays that Netflix is going after a variety of target audiences.

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to pitching video content and highlighting your client in a new, creative way.

We love these creative media placements that Netflix was able to secure for their charismatic spokespeople promoting an entertaining, engaging and inspirational docuseries.

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