Mobile Apps for Creating Web Videos

In the past six years, there has been an 800% increase in online video consumption. By 2015, 18-34 year olds will be responsible for 90% of online video views. The data paint a clear picture: online video is and will increasingly be among the most important tools for communications going into the future, particularly for brands targeting younger consumers.

online video, video appsInnovation in technology has made it easier than ever to watch video, but also has unlocked tools to make production possible for even the most novice users. Smartphones and tablets now enable organizations to produce online video literally at the touch of a button. Developers have recognized this and responded by creating mobile applications that facilitate the creation and distribution of video.

While complex and high-end video production still requires experience in filmmaking, knowledge of creative editing platforms, and access to expensive technologies, good quality video production is possible even on a shoestring budget. Here are four mobile apps we like:

Lumify Movie Studio: This free and incredibly intuitive iOS application packs a wide array of production capabilities into one program. Lumify guides users who are new to video production and helps them record HD video and voiceovers, add background music, and apply filters and special effects to projects. Finished videos can be directly uploaded to YouTube or saved and shared via email.

Socialcam: Unlike Lumify, Socialcam does not prompt and create videos for users, but it is still easy to use. According to GizModo, Socialcam “takes the guesswork and legwork out of sharing smartphone video.” This application, available for iOS and Android users, lets users capture and edit videos with custom filters and quickly share them on Twitter, Facebook, and more. What makes Socialcam stand out is its unlimited video recording capability. Unlike Instagram or Vine, there is no limit on the length of a video. This makes Socialcam a great resource for organizations interested in creating longer videos for social distribution.

iMovie: iMovie is one of the better-known iOS video editing applications. For only $4.99, users get access to a large number of high-end features and effects previously reserved for more expensive platforms. Users can edit and customize their videos with sound effects, transitions, and titles. For those with less time or interest in editing, iMovie offers built-in themes complete with custom own titles, transitions and soundtracks.

Videolicious: Unlike the other applications on this list, Videolicious is a freemium mobile editing application for iOS users. The app is free to download, but additional editing capabilities and video storage are provided as part of a subscription plan. Organizations can select enterprise plans that fit their needs and budgets. This model has been incredibly well received, with more than 1,500 organizations using Videolicious since its launch. It has been particularly well received by newspapers and other media outlets looking to provide timely and high quality web video.


While there are plenty of other mobile apps for video production, these four provide unique features or services that make them stand out above the rest. Ultimately though, any editing application is only as useful as the commitment to create video. The ability to own and distribute online video is an important element of an integrated media strategy. By incorporating online video with social media and traditional communications outreach, organizations will be able to effectively communicate and position themselves in this new media market.

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