Ways to Get More Bang from Your Content

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Content marketing can get daunting quickly—no matter what resources you have, you can never be everywhere all the time. And when it comes to content marketing, the more content you can put out the better, right?

The truth is, quality is more important than quantity, and should take priority. But a bigger reach is still to your advantage, too. How do you get the best of both worlds? Repurposing, or adapting content you’ve already created into additional media formats.

Here’s four ways to repurpose your existing materials into fresh and relevant new pieces:Integration between media and business generation

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to turn around quick content that is easily digestible and shareable. At 400-600 words, it should be a snap to extract a post topic from an existing document created for another purpose. When working from similarly short content, reorganize the information into a step-by-step guide or a series of tips. When working from longer content such as an ebook, choose a single focused aspect of the topic—or break the entire material down into a blog post series.


Video content takes much longer to create, but the payoff is worth it. Just adding a video to a website, regardless of its substance, boosts its SEO. Even better, visitors stay longer on sites that feature videos. Film a short informal interview with an expert who served as a source for your existing content, take viewers through a “how-to,” or take your audience behind the scenes.


Infographics offer a fresh perspective on the data you already have. Grab your graphic designer and ask him or her to pull it all together in a visual format. Your resulting graphic should incorporate stats and relevant images, with a look and feel consistent with your company’s brand. Infographics are highly shareable and can give your brand a presence on visually focused networks such as Pinterest you might not otherwise have.

Social Media

Social platforms are great places to break your content into bite-size nuggets with individual statistics, tips and insights. Ask your followers for their opinions and lead conversations for extra thought leadership points. And hey … why not link to your blog post, video and infographic on your social networks too, while you’re at it?

So which repurposing methods are right for your brand? Consider the strengths of your content (Is it highly visual? Video. Do people have strong opinions on this topic? Social media) and your company’s resources (don’t try to create infographics without a good graphic designer). And remember, these are just a few of many ways to maximize the power of your content marketing. Don’t be afraid to get creative. No matter how you choose to repurpose your content, you’re expanding and extending its reach.

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