How to Reach Reporters on Twitter

It’s a busy world out there, especially for reporters. With reporters’ inboxes flooded with pitches on an ongoing basis, sometimes that alone just doesn’t get their attention.

But you’ve got a story you want to communicate to your target audience, and know just the reporter it was meant for. So how can you engage with them? The answer: Twitter.

Twitter has established itself as a great place to connect with reporters, as well as influencers, on niche topics. But before you start a cold DM-ing spree, make sure you know what they’re about.

This article from Social Media Today offers key tips on how to approach a reporter on Twitter, and some critical steps to take long before you consider making a move. Here are some key takeaways:

Make Your Account Professional

If you’re using Twitter to approach reporters, your account is now your first impression—and your client’s.

Make sure your Twitter account looks polished and professional. Include your credentials, areas of interest and link to your website.

Build a Relationship First

If the reporter is really the perfect one for your story, you’ve already been following and engaging with them ahead of the pitch, right? Twitter outreach is supplemental, not a way to breach a new introduction.

Follow Up Once—And Only Once

You’ve already taken the extra step by reaching out to reporter on Twitter. More than one follow up and you’re bound to get written off as pushy.

And of course, regardless of how you approach a reporter, the usual standards of relevance, timeliness and personalization still apply:

“Make sure your pitch is personalized specifically for each journalist. A blanket pitch that you’ve sent to dozens of others will be deleted pretty much immediately. Show that you enjoy their work, and point out, specifically, what they’d gain from working with you as a brand.”

Read the full article here.

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