Top Five Time Lapse Videos (Inspired by Hyperlapse)

In honor of Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app, we collected a few of our favorite time lapse videos (before the social site’s 200 million monthly active users start cranking them out). In no particular order…

The Pulse of New York City

When FourSquare used its check-in data to track the pulses of a few major cities, it created some riveting maps using time lapse. If only they plotted activity in Washington, DC, and Baltimore, too, we would be covered.

Brewing Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale

One word: Beer.

A Model’s Photoshop Transformation

There’s something about spotting a Photoshop mistake in your favorite magazine, and then there’s this. We’re not sure it went as viral as it should have last year.

Nature at Work

Of course, the ubiquitous landscape time lapse.

Office Buzz

Ladies and gentlemen, Stanton Communications’ first Hyperlapse. Shot by Sean O’Brien, our in-house video expert.

We’re already brainstorming all of the ways we can create fun, engaging videos for our clients using Hyperlapse. One word of advice though: consider that a whole clip has to be taken in one shot, in camera. Hyperlapse also doesn’t have its own editing functions, so you will need to rely on separate video editing software to make enhancements.

While Hyperlapse opens up mobile video to a number of new possibilities, a lot of the same rules of video and time lapse production still apply – always have a plan in place for your video content. Hyperlapse makes the production easier, but a good video still requires planning. Additionally, remember to look for action. Time lapse videos are best when either you (holding the camera) are moving or your subject is moving. We filmed another quick Hyperlapse of the traffic out on the street to demonstrate what this means.

Have a favorite time lapse video? Or an idea of how you might use Hyperlapse? Leave us a comment!

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