KFC Takes On Turkey, California’s Wildfire Communicators, Nanoinfluencers and More


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. We hope you thanked a veteran for their commitment and dedication to serving our country and defending our freedom. In this week’s edition, we’re talking turkey AND chicken, looking at the role communicators play in the California wildfire and introducing you to the newest social media influencer trend. 

Why Did The Chicken Cross-Up The Turkey? 

As the nation turns to the quintessential holiday questions (How do I safely deep-fry a turkey? Is there a thing as too many carbs?), KFC is taking time to remind customers about the superiority of chickens over turkeys for 99.99% of the year. Check out their ‘battle of the birds’ ad that will run across multiple platforms, including online and outdoors. 

California Communicators During Crisis 

The ongoing California wildfire in the Northern part of the state is now the deadliest and most destructive fire in the California’s history. Twitter is becoming a key resource for people in both Southern and Northern California to share pictures of the destruction and fundraising efforts. Communicators in organizations across the state are turning to social media and online newsrooms for ease in getting information out to the media and residents alike.  

The Rise of Nanoinfluencers 

If your brand is just getting hip to using social media micro-influencers – those with several thousand to tens of thousands of followers – get ready for social media marketing’s latest trend. Advertisers are now partnering with people who have as few as 1,000 followers. Companies see great value with this under-the-radar group because of ease in partnership and relatability with their audience.  

Get Inside A Reporter’s Mind 

As a former journalist, this media relations tip hits the nail on the head. When pitching your client to the media, take a moment to think like a reporter first. Journalists are interested in stories that are exclusive, timely and can be part of a trend. And, as always, remember to tailor your personalized pitch and follow-up as necessary. 




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