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Happy Tuesday! Today’s edition of Lunch Break explores how to avoid embarrassment on social media, the launch of the new iPhone, and Amazon’s search for a new headquarters.

Avoiding Mistakes on Social

Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and a lot of organizations shared messages on social media to commemorate the day. This year brands took the safe route with their messaging, avoiding brand logos and marketing in their posts, however, there have been plenty of social media blunders made by brands in past years.

While accidents do happen on social media, if they are bad enough they can jeopardize the brand’s reputation. Consider all angles before moving forward with a controversial campaign or potentially insensitive post. Double-checking your posts before sharing and asking a coworker to review them for hidden implications could save you and your business a lot of time and humiliation.

Samsung vs. Apple

Today is the big reveal of Apple’s much-anticipated new iPhone, with rumors of facial recognition software to unlock the phone, animated messaging, and enhanced photos. In preparation for the new phone release, Samsung Galaxy has stepped up its PR game by announcing that the Galaxy Note 8 is more popular than any other Galaxy Note.

As a reminder, last year’s Galaxy Note had to be discontinued due to battery explosions. The device was banned from all U.S. flights to avoid a fire hazard. It is critical for the company to stand out and make a comeback after last year’s disaster. Only time will tell if the new phone can deliver what Samsung is selling in their PR message.

Amazon’s HQ2

Amazon is looking for a new location to build a headquarters. The company has asked cities to send in a pitch about why they should be chosen for the new HQ. This move by Amazon could lead to some major benefits for both parties. Seattle has grown exponentially with Amazon, fueling an economic boom and increasing job growth in the city. Amazon will benefit from the deal as well, as the cities bid for the winning spot Amazon is asking for tax breaks, donated land, and other incentives.

By turning their search for a new headquarters location into a bidding war, Amazon has created a frenzy across North America. And the winner gets the prize of a $5 billion company and 50,000 new jobs. News outlets are dissecting every city in the United States and Canada in an effort to predict which location Amazon will choose. Governors and mayors across the nation have taken to social media to stake their claim and explain why their city is the best choice for the job. May the odds be ever in their favor.


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