Bon Appétit Turnover, Workouts from Famous Authors, COVID-19 AP Style Guide, & More

We’ve become so overwhelmed with news these days there is enough content for us to write a Lunch Break for every day of the week. While sharing articles on our Slack “News” channel keeps us informed and connected, these Lunch Breaks help us strengthen our writing muscles (more on this below) and share our favorite stories of the week.

For today’s snack, we’ve got a major food media shakeup, writing exercises from famous authors, a new social media challenge for transparency and more.

Bon Appétit Editor Resigns Over Discrimination Allegations

Monday was a pivotal day for food media. Bon Appétit, the magazine and digital publication from Condé Nast, faced discrimination claims from current and former staffers and contributors after an old photo surfaced of the now former Editor in Chief Adam Rappaport wearing a racist Halloween costume. This comes right on the heels of the Alison Roman-Chrissy Teigen controversy a few weeks ago.

The photo launched an outcry from journalists and readers calling for Rappaport to resign, which he ultimately did Monday evening. While the photo was from the past, it did reveal current discriminatory practices in the Bon Appétit workplace, such as paying only white editors for their video appearances and failing to include diverse voices. No update yet on the new editor, who will hopefully bring more diversity to the Condé Nast masthead.

‘Pull Up Or Shut Up’ Social Media Challenge Goes Viral

A new social media challenge is calling out brands to do more than post platitudes and statements of solidarity with the black community. UOMA Beauty CEO Sharon Chuter started the ‘Pull Up or Shut Up’ challenge for consumers to ask their favorite brands to publicly share the percentage of their black employees, specifically in leadership roles. The movement aims to reveal full transparency, particularly in the beauty industry.

Buzzfeed put together a summary of the brands that have participated, including Ulta, Estee Lauder, Sephora, and Kylie Cosmetics. This challenge demonstrates the power of social media in holding brands accountable as a way to bring about much-needed change.

Exercises to Strengthen Your Writing Skills

Our biceps, abs and quads may be losing some tone during quarantine, but that doesn’t mean our writing muscles should do the same. These powerful literary exercises from famous authors are fun ways to sharpen your writing skills and enhance creativity. From C.S. Lewis’ advice to replace simple adjectives with vivid descriptions, to learning from Toni Morrison about stepping outside your comfort zone, try one of these exercises for your next ‘workout.’

AP Issues Coronavirus Topical Guide

With news coverage continuing to focus on the COVID-19 outbreak, The Associated Press prepared a style guide to help writers use the right words when talking about the virus. The AP covers how to refer to the coronavirus (which is acceptable even though it incorrectly implies there is only one coronavirus), how to reference any of the coronavirus relief bills (don’t call it the CARES Act), and other phrases you may be questioning when writing about the virus.

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