Lunch Break: Inching Closer to the “Metaverse”, Improving Internal Communications with Employees, and More



Welcome back readers for this week’s Lunch Break! At Stanton Communications we have been talking about inching closer to the “metaverse”; big hiring news at Taco Bell (yum!); and how to improve your internal communications with employees. 

Zuckerberg Takes Us Once Step Closer to the Metaverse 

Do you love working from home, but occasionally miss face to face moments with the full team? Facebook may have a solution for you. The world’s largest social media network last week launched the beta version of the Horizon Workrooms App, a new VR remote work app that utilizes the company’s Oculus Quest 2 headsets to hold meetings with avatar versions of themselves.  

Our next question is: will Facebook build its own haptic suit or integrate with the TeslaSuit?  

Lil Nas X Lives Más 

I hope you’re hungry for some fast-food news. Taco Bell announced that it is serving up a new partnership with former Atlanta-area employee, Lil Nas X. He will be stepping into the role of Chief Impact Officer. Not only should you expect to hear Lil Nas X’s voice on a new series of ads, but he will also be working in association with the Taco Bell Foundation announcing their Live Más Scholarship recipients. 

Achieve Better Communications with Your Employees 

How do you know your email will engage your employees before you send it? The founder of PoliteMail Software is giving his insights into how you can effectively measure and improve employee engagement with content from your company’s communications team. Instead of guessing what will catch their attention, Michael DesRochers recommends you measure engagement, analyze, and act on how to improve.  

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