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Lunch Break February 21

Lunch Break February 21

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites

Happy Tuesday! This week’s Lunch Break is filled with advice for engaging influencers, how Facebook’s “Like” changed the rules of social engagement beyond the digital world, a podcast recommendation and more.

Want to Engage an Influencer? Look Before You Leap

Last week, Disney Company’s Maker Studios parted ways with one of the most coveted influencers to emerge in the last three years: Felix Kjellberg, known to his 53-million-strong YouTube following as PewDiePie. Kjellberg used crude anti-Semitic language and imagery in recent videos, leading to an outcry from fans and outsiders alike. Since then, advertisers have found themselves reassessing their cultivation and use of influencers, who largely control their own content and branding. Gabe Gordon, managing partner at Reach, told the New York Times advertisers need to approach influencers like any other celebrity or athlete endorsement with thorough vetting and working with a PR agency to assess the risk.

Yes, Virginia, There are Successful B2B Instagram Case Studies

Northrup Grumman may not be the first name that pops to mind when you think of companies on Instagram, but the global aerospace and defense technology company found a way to develop an engaging and brand-appropriate feed. Just how did they do it? Northrup Grumman knew they had a goldmine of classic aviation photos for “throwback Thursdays” to build followers and a strong community outreach presence rife with storytelling possibilities. Taking a focused approach benefits a B2B company like Northrup Grumman, and could be the same for yours.

I Like This Story

In February 2009, the Internet changed forever as Facebook debuted the Like button. The Ringer took an in-depth look at the invention of the Like as an alternative to a full comment to express support or enjoyment of a Facebook post, and how it fundamentally changed Facebook as a platform for users and advertisers alike. Perhaps more intriguing is the sociological changes the Like button has brought about, including the proliferation of fake news and our digital self-esteem.

Podcast Recommendations: You Must Remember This

Personal disclosure: I listen to podcasts like most people listen to music. Lately I’ve been going back through the archives of You Must Remember This, a serialized podcast that looks behind the myths and headlines of the golden age of Hollywood. Hosted and written by Karina Longworth, the series is a goldmine of history for PR professionals, as Longworth sheds light on the publicity machines behind the stars and scandals at MGM, Warner Brothers and more. I highly recommend the “Six Degrees of Joan Crawford” episodes if you are also anticipating the premiere of FX’s Feud on the legendary battle between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.

Small Is Big Again

What’s got the $5.8 billion Clorox Company using the tactics of small startups? Kickstarter. And, the observation that all the interesting stuff is happening at hipper, smaller companies: “All the trends, all the interesting flavors, all the interesting business models.” As Clorox works to align its Emerging Brands Group to this industry demand, they realized their Soy Vay brand’s collaboration with startup Three Jerks Jerky may not need the funding, but it definitely wanted the exposure to Kickstarter’s

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