Zoom Fatigue, COVID-19 Superheroes, Quarantine Wassup, and More


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. Today is National Superhero Day, so we’re giving a tremendous shout-out to the healthcare professionals and essential workers at the frontlines of this global pandemic. You truly are the real superheroes of 2020.

In this week’s edition, we’re overcoming Zoom Fatigue, Saying Wassup to our loved ones during quarantine, and taking a look at the cold hard truth behind the cold hard cash giveaways on Instagram.

Cheers to the COVID-19 Superheroes

Move over, Superman. Guinness World Records is celebrating a different kind of superhero on National Superhero Day. They’re honoring record-holding brands who have used their platforms for good during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything from Anheuser-Busch – which set the record for most couples (480) kissing under the mistletoe —which converted a factory to make hand sanitizer, to Google—the record-holder for the most money raised for charity in a 24-hour vaccination campaign ($166,000)—which donated $800 million and 3 million face masks.

So Many Zoom Calls

Work meetings. Happy hours. Game nights. They’re all virtual as we try to flatten the COVID-19 curve and practice social distancing. But can too many video calls be hazardous to your mental health? USAToday explains the unintended psychological consequences of Zoom Fatigue and how to combat it, including taking breaks and allowing for the option of audio-only check-ins.

Wassup in Quarantine

Has it really been more than two decades since all of us were saying ‘Wassup’ at home, school and the water cooler? Budweiser is bringing back their iconic advertisement with a slight coronavirus twist — the actors are “in quarantine, having a Bud”— as a way to encourage all of us to stay connected while social distancing. So go ahead, call your friend, grab a beverage and say, well, you know.

COVID Cash on IG

Instagram giveaways are nothing new. A few clicks and follows later, and you’ve entered the chance to win swag or experiences. But lately, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, social media influencers are showing off stacks for their followers. The New York Times highlights the big business of cash giveaways – social media agencies providing the giveaway cash to influencers by charging big bucks for companies that want to be on the list of accounts that users need to follow. Who doesn’t want to pay nearly $1,000 for the promise of 50,000 followers? Come for the marketing scheme, and stay for the quote from a foot surgeon known online as The Bunion King.

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