Reese’s Robotic Door, Brands & Election Season, and Avocado Drama


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! We’re preparing to hoard our Halloween candy to get us through the last week of the 2020 Presidential Election. In fact, we’re covering both of those topics today, and also taking a look at one of the first brands to bow out from the Big Game.

Trick or Socially Distanced Treat

The good news – Halloween is on a Saturday. The bittersweet news – candy chutes and poles will give trick-or-treating a different feel this year. Just add this Spooky Saturday to the list of celebrations and holidays that marketing and PR pros are getting creative with during the pandemic. Look no further than Reese’s, which created a remote-controlled robotic door to roam through neighborhoods and dispense its iconic peanut butter cups. If you’ll excuse us, we’re going on Instagram to ask the #ReesesDoor to visit us in Baltimore and D.C. We might also make a road trip to an abandoned McDonalds or Wendy’s to snag a free Whopper.

Vote, Vote, Vote

Normally, it’s time to talk – or at least think about – turkey immediately following Halloween. But every four years, any leftover candy gets devoured while we agonize over the last week of the presidential election Some brands are partaking in campaign season by walking the apolitical tight rope. PR News took a look at several memorable campaigns, including Lotrimin’s ‘stand with confidence’ and Smirnoff urging viewers to #DontDrinkAndDebate.

Well This Is Guacward

It’s hard to imagine a Super Bowl party spread without guacamole, but this year’s Big Game will also be without a fan-favorite commercial: Avocados from Mexico. The CEO of the brand behind the well-known jingle told Ad Age it’s sitting out Super Bowl LV to reinvent itself. In the coming weeks and months, expect to hear more announcements of altered Super Bowl marketing plans in response to consumer habits from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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