Trends in Media Pitching, The Future of Content Marketing, and More



Another week, another round of our favorite communications news highlights!

Now let’s get to the last week of PR news. In this week’s edition, we’re assessing trends in media pitching and reporter responses from a new report; an uptik in BtoB marketing on TikTok; and a glimpse into the industry’s near and far futures with COVID impacts to content marketing and discussions exploring the need to regulate AI in marketing in the EU.

8% of Pitches Turn Into Coverage

Only 8% of all media pitches make it to the finish line as published news content, according to a new report released by Propel. The Media Barometer Q2 2021 study, which tracked 1.2 million pitches over the course of the last year, tracked the results of top PR agencies—so as low as that number may seem, Propel stated the percent of overall pitches that result in coverage is probably even lower.

But here’s one spot of good news: More than a third of journalists (35%) open pitches within a minute of receiving them, and most open pitches within 30 minutes of receipt, with the highest engagement times coming from 10-11am.

How Do We Regulate AI?

With GDPR and other regulations in place and setting a standard to protect privacy in how corporations use personal data, the tech marketing conversation is looking ahead to the future protections consumers will need as AI tools become more common.

An EU 2020 white paper “On Artificial Intelligence—A European Approach to Excellence and Trust” detailed measures for an AI legal framework think ahead on how to protect consumers against algorithm bias, the potential impact of outcomes determined by AI, and more.

A Look Into the Future of Content Marketing

The team at SpinSucks is doing some forecasting, too, regarding the “O” of the PESO model it centers its strategic framework on. What will content marketing look like post-COVID?

Among considerations like how to effectively sell products when you lose that face-to-face connection, a need to demonstrate leadership amid increased remote work, and more, the article projects some key areas where content marketing can step into new opportunities.

BtoB Marketing Has Reached

TikTok has grown rapidly for years now, recently surpassing the 3 billion download threshold.

So perhaps it was inevitable that as the network’s popularity continues to surge, the BtoB community would soon make its mark.

The network’s use of hashtags and emerging community of micro-influencers have proven too compelling to ignore for brands including QuickBooks, who are finding TikTok’s short video format the perfect blend of educational and entertaining.

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